Water we're in our element

The core areas of INTEWA GmbH are water treatment of rainwater and greywater as well as
stormwater management. In our store you will find detailed information on all our products in the commercial and
single-family home sector as well as ready-made system solutions.

Current Hot Topics

Here you will find our highlights of the month for the areas of rainwater harvesting and infiltration.

beeRAIN Blonde Rainwaterbeer 3 x 0,33L
  • ca. 6,5 Vol.-%
  • Alcohol 0,33 Liter
  • 3 x 0,33 l
  • brewed with rainwater 
  • incl- packinging
8,98 €
incl. VAT plus shippment
RAINade Lemon Rainwaterlemonade 3 x 0,33 Liter
  • Made from soft rainwater
  • 3 x 0,33 Liter
  • Serve at 5°C
  • incl. packaging
6,99 €
incl. VAT plus shippment
Two-part plastic underground tank 2.000 liter
  • flat design
  • fits through any door
  • expandable by coupling
  • with proof of stability
325,49 €
incl. VAT plus shippment

The optimized central pump and control unit for rainwater harvesting or water reuse for single family dwelling

  • the world’s most economical rainwater system.
  • for toilet, washing machine, garden tap and little sprinkler
  • noise level: 50 - 56 dbA, medium noise emission
  • max. volume flow rate: 10 l/min
  • 1055
    1.108,89 €
    incl. VAT plus shippment

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